Build Superman Strength with Bodyweight Training

Do you want to achieve a superhero physique without investing in a costly gym membership or your personal set of weights? Did you know you could be as strong as Superman by doing exercises using your bodyweight as resistance? Bodyweight training is rapidly increasing in popularity as people realize they can get into fantastic shape without wasting money on a gym membership or home gym system.

The first thing you need to realize to start a successful bodyweight training routine (we like street workout is that it isn’t all about high reps and little resistance. This technique is a good way to start off, but to truly maximize your strength you’ll need to make a few adjustments.

Take Your Time

This is a trick as old as time when it comes to bodyweight training. Instead of doing your repetitions in quick, rapid succession, try taking five or more seconds to perform each rep. The time it so that you spend two seconds at your lowest point on say, push up. Then, push yourself up and spend one second in this position. Finally, lower yourself and spend two more seconds in this stance. Once you have mastered this, you might consider changing the little stage to 5 seconds to increase both tension and hormone production. This will lead to even greater levels of strength.


Asymmetrical exercises force different groups of muscles to exert themselves in a variety of ways. If you again think about the push-up, there are many different ways to make the exercise asymmetrical. You could raise one side of your body up by putting a block under your hand or one foot and do a push up as usual. You could try what are knowns as Archer pushups. To do an archer push up, start like you would with a regular push up, but widen the stance of your arms. You’ll want your hands to be in a position where they are significantly wider than your shoulders. Next, instead of going straight down like a regular push up, you’ll want to go down to one side in such a way that the hand, on the hand, looks like the hand of an archer pulling back on a bow. Remember, integrate the previous principle of taking your time and count out your new, slower rhythm. Once you are comfortable with this, you can start working your way towards more advanced pushups, like the one-armed push-up.

Do Not Keep It Simple, Stupid.

One major problem experienced by people who are starting off on a bodyweight exercise regimen is the plateau issue. Once you are comfortable with standard push-ups, or whatever other bodyweight exercises you are using, it is important to stay away from just increasing repetitions. You need to start making them harder by altering your technique. With pushups, try using a wider arm stance, or putting your feet on a higher surface than your hands. Following this instruction, you will be able to do effective exercises like handstand push-ups.