6 Yoga Poses Every Baseball Player Should Do

Whether it is stretching, building strength or speed, including yoga in your daily routine is one of the easiest ways to achieve a high level of fitness as a baseball player. Practicing yoga can help prevent injury, speed-up recovery and most importantly, elevate your mood when playing or exercising.

Here are six yoga poses every baseball player should do

1. Frog pose

This pose is intended to help open your hip joints to reduce the amount of strain on your knees when playing. It also helps stretch your inner thighs reducing the injury risks that are common with baseball players. To perform this pose, get on your knees and widen them apart. Next, breathe in and tighten your abs. Lower yourself into your forearm with your elbows stacked below your shoulders. You should feel a deep stretch in between your thighs. Hold for 8 to 10 breaths.

2. Boat pose

Boat pose will help tone and strengthen your abs, hip flexors, and muscles around your spine. Also, it will stretch your hamstrings and improve your balance. Begin by sitting on the mat and bend your knees. With your feet flat on the mat, rest your hands beside your hips. Lean back a little and raise your feet off the mat until your shins become parallel to the ground. Now try straightening your legs to form a 45-degree angle with the floor to make a V-shape. Hold this pose for few breaths then release.

3. Pigeon pose

This pose will open your hips and stretch your groin to improve your agility and speed as well as reduce knee strains. Start in a Downward Facing Dog pose. Now bring your left knee in front of you and between your knees with your ankles close to your right wrist. Extend your other leg behind you with your footrest flat on the ground. Lift your upper body by pressing through your fingertips. With your weight balanced between your hips, hold the position for at least 60 seconds then release.

4. Warrior 1 pose

This pose will build the strength in your legs, back, ankles as well as shoulders. It will also help open your hips and chest, improve your balance, stability and focus. Just like when performing Pigeon pose, start with a Downward Facing Dog with both your feet and palms flat on the floor. Bring your left foot forward and in the middle of your hands and lift your upper body up. Place both your hands on your hips and square your hips. Raise both your arms and bring your palms close together. Gaze upwards towards your hands. Hold this pose for few breaths, get back to your initial position and then change your legs.

5. Seated twists

Performing seated twists is a great way to increase the flexibility of your spine. It helps achieve a balanced body improving your stability. To perform seated twists, sit with your legs extended in front of you. You can then cross your legs at the shins. Widen your knees and then put each of your foot under their opposite knee. Balance your weight on your sit bones. Also, ensure that your spine, neck, and head are in one line. Bring your left hand to your back and your right hand on your left knee. Twist to the left side and hold for about ten breaths. Come back to your center and then turn to the other side.

6. Lunge Twists

Lunge Twists are great for your lower body. Learn more leg strengthening poses are Zoe Bray Cotton Yoga Burn. The pose works best to strengthen your legs and gluteus while at the same time improving your hips’ flexibility. It will also keep your abs and oblique engaged. To perform lunge twists, start by standing with your feet widened about shoulder width distance. Bring your right foot forward and get into a lunge position. Twist your torso to your right and then with your arms stretched out, try reaching to your right side. Maintain gentle and controlled movements and then turn to the other leg.

As a baseball player, you should continuously work on improving your flexibility and strength to perform better in the field. These yoga poses are designed to help strengthen and stretch your body, as well improve the movements in your joints not only to prevent injuries when playing but also to enhance your performance. Make sure you’ve included them in your daily workout routine.


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